About Us

Our Mission: 

To collaborate, as an education-business community partnership, to create career pathways for all Trinity County students, as our future workforce. View Our Goals Here

Collective Impact

Trinity Together: Cradle to Career Partnership (Trinity Together) is comprised of leaders from the Trinity County Office of Education and the education community, the local business community and local service organizations. This collaborative focuses on youth between the ages of 0-24, and joins the efforts already in place in Shasta County, with Reach Higher Shasta, and Tehama County, with Expect More Tehama, as well as newly formed collaboratives in Siskiyou and Modoc counties all under the umbrella of North State Together.

North State Together was formed through a $2.5 million dollar, three year grant awarded by the McConnell Foundation, allowing the creation of a regional hub, which in turn supports the collaborative efforts in the five-county region of the North State. Recently, the grant was extended to include another eight years of work. The overarching goal of North State Together is to increase educational options at all levels, with ultimate impacts on overall economic and community health; however, North State Together strives to balance community autonomy with broader support so that local leaders can create local solutions that directly connect to community needs. The hope is that this initiative will help each county to help them address their unique community needs by leveraging partnerships in the business, philanthropic, nonprofit, civic, faith and educational communities and assist people and communities in career advancement, economic growth, and improved health.

Program support and coordination is provided by the Watershed Research and Training Center (WRTC)in Hayfork, California. Their mission is to create and sustain healthy lands and healthy communities. WRTC works locally, regionally, and nationally to develop innovative approaches to natural resource management, economic development and community resilience. Through collaboration with communities, partner organizations, public agencies, and businesses, the WRTC is implementing land stewardship, creating jobs and fostering development, and building new foundations to connect people to the land and each other.

Trinity Together Staff

ANNA LEEPER CARSON, Program Associate

Working to create, support, and bolster career pathways for Trinity County youth, Anna spends her time in various endeavors around the county. Her current focus includes supporting early childhood education programs, assessing school readiness levels, increasing parent and community engagement, connecting natural resource and environmental science professionals to students, and delivering life skill lessons and career exploration to middle school students. Anna has worked, traveled, and studied in 30 different countries around the globe. With a degree from Humboldt State University in Geography, Anna is passionate about exploring the unique interface between people and place. Since returning to Trinity County in 2011, Anna has been working with various nonprofits, natural resource agencies, school districts, and community entities to increase community engagement, promote land conservation and stewardship projects, and improve economic stability and opportunities for residents. She is passionate about Trinity County communities, history, and culture. She lives in Weaverville with her husband and two vibrant daughters, and enjoys practicing regenerative gardening techniques, spending time outside with family and friends, and spreading joy in the world. 

Contact Anna: anna@ttccp.org

TECKLA JOHNSON, Program Manager

Teckla supports the goals and coordinates the work of Trinity Together through relationships with various community groups, including business leaders and educators. Teckla works with schools to promote career education through work-based learning, industry experts, speakers, soft skill lessons, and more. Her work with various partners in Trinity County and beyond strengthen the infrastructure that youth need to become successful adults. Teckla has a Master’s Degree in Social Work with an emphasis in community organizing. She has worked in employment settings for nearly 10 years and has experience working with diverse populations including seniors, those who have developmental disabilities and the LGBTQ community. She enjoys being with her family and pets, frequenting local swimming holes and spending time in her garden.

Contact Teckla: teckla@ttccp.org